Pioneer Square

The new Seattle Streetcar line opened in our Capitol Hill neighborhood recently. The streetcar is kind of fun to ride, and it takes us from about a block away from our house, all the way through First Hill, Chinatown, Japantown, and to Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square is the oldest part of Seattle, even though all of Pioneer Square burnt to the ground in 1889. These are all the building that were rebuilt after that. 

Camper Progress // Buh-Bye, Blue Panels

Time for another progress update on the camper!

In case you missed it, we bought a camper, made plans for a cosmetic renovation, and began removing rubbish and prepping the cabinets for white paint. Unfortunately, we had an obstacle in our way with these goofy blue fabric panels in the cabinets. They matched the Motel 6-looking floral nightmare in the rest of the camper, but they weren't really what we were going for, so we ripped them out.

When we removed them, we figured out they were just really thin plywood panels wrapped in blue fabric that was stapled on the back. At first, we thought it would be easy to remove the fabric and staple the panels back in place.

Watched Lately

9 to 5 was hilarious. The clothing was my favorite part. // F is for Family is a series on Netflix. That oldest son makes the whole show. // Unlikely Animal Friends was light and fun. A rat and a dog, a surfer and a surfing pig, a disabled dog and a chicken, a cat and a horse. So unlikely and so adorable.  // Ghost was fun. Patrick Swayze really had it going on. // I hear so many references to Groundhog Day, so I decided I needed to watch it. It was an excellent story, but it drove me crazy how the timeline was off. Anyone else know what I'm talking about? // Zootopia was in theaters, and it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. I cried during the opening credits. "I want to try everything!" Also, there was a nice nod to Breaking Bad in there.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

There must just be something about the month of March that keeps me too busy to blog. I didn't blog once during the month of March this year, and I didn't post anything during March last year either. But anyway, I'm back from my little break and I have lots to share with you.

First up, my favorite! Rand and I went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival on Wednesday this week. We're both off work for Spring Break, so we drove about an hour north of Seattle to Mount Vernon, WA to see the tulip fields in bloom. The festival runs all through April and it was well worth the drive. It was breathtaking.

It also didn't hurt that it was near an adorable little town with mountains in the distance. It looked like a beautiful place to live. We stopped into a yummy Mexican restaurant called CALLE afterwards for lunch and margaritas. There were other fields we could have wandered around in, but we tried to plan our trip around rush hour times to avoid heavy traffic. I have to say, though, the drive there was also pretty gorgeous. Washington, you are a winner.

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