Camper Progress // The Cabinets are Primed

If you follow me on Instagram (and you do, right?), you may have noticed that I've got a few week's lag time between when I do something and when I actually get around to blogging about it. I could blame it on standardized testing season, or on this nice weather, but it's actually just laziness. These days, I've been feeling less ambitious and more willing to waste time relaxing. It's been great for me, but it doesn't make very exciting blog content.

BUT! I have some camper progress that I haven't shared yet! And after all the stupid prep work, it's nice to finally see something changing colors in this thing. As you can see in the photos, all our cabinets were covered in this lovely faux-wood film that was not at all pleasing to my eye and had to go.

Since it wasn't even real wood, we had to go light on the sanding. We wanted to rough up the surface, so that paint would stay, so we gave all the fake wood a light sanding and then went over it with this liquid deglosser. I'm not totally convinced this stuff really does anything, but it helps me sleep better at night knowing I did everything I could.

Next, we taped everything off, which has got to be one of the most annoying tasks ever. At this point, I was itching to paint SO BAD and every time I would think I had taped everything, I would discover some other spot that needed tape.

Since we are going to paint the walls, we didn't worry about taping off around them. Same with the floors, since we'll be covering them with vinyl planks. We did try to protect the ceiling and the appliances, though.

And then finally, FINALLY, it was time to put brush to primer and get this show on the road. It's funny how primer looks so beautiful when it's the first coat. I think to myself, "This is how everything will look when it's white!" Then I discover all over again that primer looks awful. Still better than that fake filmy wood, I guess.

Look at all that fake wood disappearing! BTW, it is always too hot or cold when working in the camper. Always.

Remember those panels we installed? They're fitting right in.

So. Much. Priming. My hands wanted to fall off.

So here's a shot as we were leaving on priming day. And just in case you aren't able to see all the great progress we made through this hideous primer, I've added a "before" photo below for comparison. That's progress! And don't EVEN say it looked better before. Mkay?

Next up: three coats of paint. Oy.


  1. It's looking so great! You are making me want to buy an RV!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to get to a stage where it starts looking better instead of worse! :)

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