Pioneer Square

The new Seattle Streetcar line opened in our Capitol Hill neighborhood recently. The streetcar is kind of fun to ride, and it takes us from about a block away from our house, all the way through First Hill, Chinatown, Japantown, and to Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square is the oldest part of Seattle, even though all of Pioneer Square burnt to the ground in 1889. These are all the building that were rebuilt after that. 

I love how old the buildings are down here. Most of Seattle feels very new. You don't see as much architecture like this in the rest of the city. So many vine-covered walls and and brick roads!

The only thing that makes this city a giant pain in the rear is all its hills. You always have to walk north and south, because if you turn east or west, you're either falling downhill or crawling uphill. Otherwise, it's a nice walk. :)


  1. Looks like that would be my favorite part of the city!

  2. I finally took the Seattle Street Car from Jackson Street up to Pike/Broadway, more useful than expected!
    I'll admit, as a cyclist I pretty much hated the years of work as I commuted past and saw the new tracks with the 'always scary' gaps going in. I thought, really.. we have light rail and buses, why there is a need for a street car? After a ride I feel better about it and seeing now this route has a separate bike lane near by for here

  3. Charming and beautiful nice post!!!

  4. Awesome write up, looks like i will be adding some of this place to my favorite cities.thanks for posting.


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