Camper Progress // Buh-Bye, Blue Panels

Time for another progress update on the camper!

In case you missed it, we bought a camper, made plans for a cosmetic renovation, and began removing rubbish and prepping the cabinets for white paint. Unfortunately, we had an obstacle in our way with these goofy blue fabric panels in the cabinets. They matched the Motel 6-looking floral nightmare in the rest of the camper, but they weren't really what we were going for, so we ripped them out.

When we removed them, we figured out they were just really thin plywood panels wrapped in blue fabric that was stapled on the back. At first, we thought it would be easy to remove the fabric and staple the panels back in place.


We began pulling staples and removing fabric and we quickly noticed that these things were not holding up. See how bad the staples damaged them? They were falling apart (all except one, more on that in a minute). Paint wasn't going to cover that up, so we needed a new plan. 

We went looking around Home Depot for ideas, and we found some really thin plywood. HD wouldn't cut the plywood for us if it the cuts were less than 12" and most of ours were. Remember how we're working on our camper while it's in a storage facility? That means this project is happening without electricity, the way our forefathers renovated campers. So we bought a carpenter's saw and crossed our fingers.

Hey, it worked! The cuts needed a little sanding, but they ended up looking just fine, and the one piece of plywood we bought was enough to replace all the missing panels! That means this little repair only cost us about $10.

Next, Rand just stapled them back in with our staple gun, and look!

Not too shabby, right?

Same thing with the cabinets above the bed.  These two photos make a nice "before and after" shot. I'm a house blogger, so I should work on featuring more of those.

The last step was just to caulk around the edges and check for any staples that accidentally went through to the front (we had just a couple of those to pull out and try again).

And look at this. Out of all the pieces we removed, just one was in good enough shape to put back into place. 

I know these photos still look like a hot mess, but I promise we're headed somewhere good. In fact, we've finished priming, so I'll be back with an update on that soon!


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