Lake Washington Boulevard

I'll admit that there have been a few times I've asked myself, "Why in the world did you move to a place that gets cold in the winter?" For most of my life I've thought I would move somewhere with more sunshine and palm trees. There are many things to love about Seattle, but it is still cold and dreary in the winter. However, it makes the occasional sunny day just that much sweeter, even if it's still cold. We know to be grateful for those days and take full advantage.

On one of these sunny/not-too-cold days recently, we rode the scooter down Lake Washington Boulevard, which runs close by our neighborhood and down along the lake. With our thrift-store Columbia jackets, we can handle the cold for longer, so we followed the lake all the way to the Seattle city limits and back. I snapped these photos at one of the little park areas along the way, where we stopped to admire all the green and blue and to try out our new selfie stick.

As I write this, it's raining and dreary again. I keep scrolling through these photos over and over, reminding myself that there are warm, sunny days ahead.

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