Glamper Renovation Plans

Mkay, we've got plans for days now!

I've managed to turn my dreams for our glamper into a few specific sources and a to-do list. Just in case you missed it, we bought this 1999 travel trailer a few weeks ago, and we're planning to give it an interior makeover. The camper itself is in great shape, so it doesn't need any structural repairs, just a little style updating, because right now it looks like a room at a Motel 6.

Since this is such a small space, there's no need to give you a room-by-room makeover plan. This thing is basically one room, perfect for a blog called The Room Journal, yes?  I've even made you a crappy little collage, shown above, to prove that I really have done a little research.

I've added a couple of interior photos at the bottom of the post, so you can look to see what I'm talking about in this list. This is our plan for our little glamper camper, so far:

  • Remove bunk beds. 
  • Remove current window treatments. 
  • Remove that blue fabric on the cabinets, the paper towel holder, and that oddly placed toilet paper roll holder. Look at the photo below. Can you find it? Now can you help me understand why it's there?
  • Remove the blue carpet. There's linoleum underneath, which we plan to leave under the new flooring. 
  • Take out all upholstered furniture and send it to be reupholstered. If I have my way, it will be soft, worn, brown leather. I found a dreamy example to put in the above collage.
  • Prime and paint walls white in a matte finish. Right now I predict it will be Benjamin Moore's Super White
  • Prime and paint cabinets and all wood surfaces in a semi-gloss finish. I'm 75% it will all be white as well, but I've seen a few photos of kitchens with the lower cabinets painted a dark grey-green, with white upper cabinets, so I'm not sure yet.
  • Remove current countertops and replace with wood butcher-block countertops, shown above. I'm leaning toward one of these IKEA options. Also I know NOTHING about replacing countertops. This is the part of the project I'm the most nervous about!
  • Add a backsplash. I blogged about some easy backsplash options a couple months ago. I may try Smart Tiles (shown above) or some kind of wallpaper backsplash. I'll have to have a look at the stick-on tiles in person, but if they look okay, it would be nice to not have to cut tiles. We live in a Seattle apartment, with no space of our own to work on the camper. It's currently in a storage facility, where we can visit and work on it anytime, but if we need electricity on site, that might be a problem. I'll order some samples and get back to you on that one. 
  • Put down new flooring. We really like the Allure vinyl planks from Home Depot, shown above in the grey finish we have our eye on. We like the look of hardwood flooring, but we need something lightweight. AND you can score and cut the pieces with a box cutter, so that's one less day we'll need to locate an extension cord and a power source. 
  • Add new window treatments. Curtains? Shades? Blinds? No idea yet.
  • Change that mirror on the door to a full-length mirror.
  • Get sofa and booth cushions reupholstered. My dream is leather, but that may be out of our budget. We'll see!
  • Replace that fugly faucet. The one shown above is pretty perfect for my needs. This is another tricky camper conundrum. Are regular faucets okay in campers? Or do I need to find a special camper faucet somewhere? More questions than answers right now.
  • Replace door and cabinet hardware. 
  • Add some wall-mounted plant containers. 
  • Hang some art on the walls. I hear heavy-duty velcro is helpful in campers. 
  • Add little details, like a rug, pillows, bedding, etc. I want some textiles like that kilim runner, shown above. Maybe hang some copper mugs above the sink? We think that strange little TV nook is going to become a kitty nook. You know we'll take our cats with us, right?
  • We're also interested in finding a more comfortable mattress, but camper mattress are shorter than regular mattresses, so we'll have to do some research on that one. 
So here's a reminder of what we're starting with:

I can't wait to get started! What do you think? Do you have any experience with vinyl plank flooring or stick-on backsplash tiles?

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