I was talking to my mom last night on Google Hangout, and she reminded me how behind I am on posting pictures on this blog. Because, while there are lots of reasons I blog, one of the main ones is so my mom can see what I'm up to.  So let's catch up!

Rand and I both got two full weeks off from work over winter break. We had so much time to kill, so right away he sent me this:

Oh, Rand. You just get me. So away we went!

Fun fact: It doesn't really snow here in Seattle. We got a little once, but it didn't stick. It was just like white rain for a few minutes. Anyway, I didn't already know this, but all we had to do was drive about 30 minutes to the east before we started seeing sights like that photo at the top. And a few minutes later, it looked more like this:

More snow than I've ever seen in my life. And a ski resort. I'd never seen skiing before. Now I want to learn to ski!

I know I've said I hate snow before, but I'd like to adjust that statement. I just hate having to drive to work where it snows. I don't mind visiting places like this, though. It was pretty breathtaking.

Washington is so beautiful, you guys. LOOK AT THOSE TREES. Now come visit me so we can play in the snow!


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