Bohemian + Scandinavian

This beautiful home appeared on my blog feed a few days ago, and I can't stop thinking about it. It's the perfect mix of my favorite styles.

Here's my problem: a look at my Pinterest boards would tell you that I am a minimalist who likes all white rooms and sparse decor. But a walk through my apartment would tell you that I like books and records and art and textiles and wood furniture and the cozy comfort of a more free-spirited, bohemian style. How can I reconcile these two tastes and stop feeling like a giant fraud?

This Swedish home is the answer.

I love everything about this home. There's so much white and light. It looks like heaven. But it also looks like a place where real people live. People who have stuff and do stuff. Just look at all that beautiful, well curated crap. Love it!

The message I'm getting here is that it's okay to boho it up with layers, textures, and textiles, but you've got to keep it white and mellow. No blasting color, except in designated places, like this hallway. The hallway is a perfect place to get it all out without having to sacrifice painting any of the rooms in your home white.

Now how in the world did they find a rug with such great pattern that doesn't take away from the light/white thing? My woven rug on my wood floors feels so heavy, but I know a white rug won't last long without a cat puking on it. That rug is perfection, though.

Ahhh....wood and white! I just want everything to be wood and white. True white, not the band-aid color on my apartment walls.

Of course, plants are a must, and they look incredible in wood + white homes.

I can't get over the light in this home. Isn't this the most amazing workspace? How heavenly it would be to somehow be able to pay my bills by just making art in that room.

I'm not wild about that pendant light above, but the table and chairs are a-okay.

The placement of these shelves is a great idea. The shelves under the windows provide the perfect place for plants and items that glow in the sunlight. The shelf up near the ceiling is unexpected, but just right for displaying more gorgeous old stuff. That glossy ceiling is also a beautiful touch.

It looks like there's hope after all for those of us caught between our desires for bohemian maximalism and Scandinavian sleekness. Also, not being able to paint the walls of my home is slowly killing my soul. 

See the full tour on Lovely Life. All images via Lovely Life.

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