There were plenty of beautiful trails, places to hike, and waterfront areas in Missouri where I could have gone, but for some reason, I never got very outdoorsy back home. When we moved here, maybe it was just that we couldn't afford much else (and still can't), but we started spending waaaay more time outside than we ever have before. I've been on some serious hikes lately, serious for me anyway. Here's another beautiful trail through Discovery Park we took the other day.

 Lots and lots of stairs. So natural! And $7 "hiking" boots.

All that hard hiking paid off when we turned a corner and saw this beautiful sight. A little sandy secluded beach. If you look closely, you can see a lady dancing. She was definitely having some kind of spiritual experience with the waves and sunset.

We hiked around until we found a beautiful place near the water to watch the sun set. We unintentionally timed it just right, so we were there as the sun was setting, with time to walk back before it got too dark. Not sure how we did that.

You guys, it is so lovely here. I wonder how much of it is the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and how much of it is just my own sense of wonder at actually being here, at a new location of my choosing, as a result of my own hard work and planning (and a lot of help from friends and family!). This move has satisfied something restless in my soul.

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  1. Your nature pics are killing it! Keep em coming!


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