Macrame that Made Me Laugh

Recently I came across and ordered some awesome cotton rope. It's just the right size, and a great price for 1200' spools of it, so I've been ordering as much as I can afford and attempting to recreate all the knots and designs I admire. Macrame can be so beautiful and elegant, but not always.

Oh no, sometimes it is hilarious. Here are some images of macrame too awesome/ridiculous not to share.


There were plenty of beautiful trails, places to hike, and waterfront areas in Missouri where I could have gone, but for some reason, I never got very outdoorsy back home. When we moved here, maybe it was just that we couldn't afford much else (and still can't), but we started spending waaaay more time outside than we ever have before. I've been on some serious hikes lately, serious for me anyway. Here's another beautiful trail through Discovery Park we took the other day.

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