Things Are Finally Hanging From My Ceiling

An apartment just isn't a home (to me) until things are hanging from the ceiling. I love finding a good stud and suspending my possessions in the air. For plants, this is a must, since my sweet babies will destroy any plant they can reach. And in such a small apartment, it's a huge space saver. But I did this a lot in our giant old home, too. Hanging things from the ceiling just makes a place look more finished, in my opinion.

The problem was, I didn't have a good stud finder. I'd had a battery operated one before, and it was very confusing and unreliable. After a little research, I learned about magnetic stud finders, so I ordered this one online.

This thing is amazing! It is so strong that it can hold itself to the ceiling when it finds a screw, making it really easy to mark the studs. To hang my chair, I just waved it around until it stuck, then put a piece of electrical tape there to mark the spot.

After a few pieces of tape, I could see where the studs were, since I knew the screws were drilled into studs. I found a stud that was close to where I wanted to hang the chair, and screwed in the self-starting hook I had bought. Remember my dad's screwdriver trick? That came in very handy once again.

So now my hanging chair is hanging once again. The other big ceiling item was my vintage Huffy Suncountry bicycle. Rand says that this bike is ridiculous and I should get a new, lightweight road bike, but I can't let go of its vintage charm. So up on the ceiling it went, to keep it out of the way until I can figure out how to get it to the bike shop on two flat tires. *sigh*

Ahh. I love clear floors and strong ceilings. Doesn't everything look better when it's not touching the floor?

On that note, I also made another small change, or more of a test change, to clear the floor a little more. I got out my staple gun and stapled the sofa's skirt up underneath, so that those glorious mid century legs can show.

It looks lumpy and imperfect right now, because if I really want to keep it that way, I need to cut the skirt shorter and do a better job stapling. I didn't cut anything this time, because I wasn't completely sure it would work, or if I would like it. What do you think? Should I cut, smooth, and restaple? Should I switch out the legs for a longer version? These are 4", but there are 6" ones available at hardware stores. Give me your thoughts on this, blog friends.

That's all for now. I still don't have wifi at my house, so my only blogging time is at coffee shops, which is getting a bit expensive. But I have a few more little apartment projects to share with you soon!

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  1. I definitely love the NO SKIRT LOOK! Can it be removed for good?


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