Max Has Managed to Get Cuter

A couple weeks ago I returned home from a Meet Up brunch (yes, that's what it's come to) to find that I had missed several texts from Rand. He had noticed that Max's ear had swollen up and seemed to be filled with liquid. We rushed off to the vet, which meant walking to the vet, with a loud, yelling cat. Ahh, city life.

When we got there, we learned that Max had a hematoma, which means a ruptured blood vessel in his ear. They said it probably happened during itching or shaking due to his constant skin irritations and allergies. Poor guy.

They drained the liquid from his ear and gave us some medicine for Max, but what they couldn't fix was the shape of his ear. It had become...droopy. Look:

That's adorable.

There's been no more swelling, and he has been so good about taking his pills when they're wrapped up in Greenies Pill Pockets (thank goodness for those things). What a good boy!

And now when I see him, my heart melts just a little more than it already did.

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