Max Has Managed to Get Cuter

A couple weeks ago I returned home from a Meet Up brunch (yes, that's what it's come to) to find that I had missed several texts from Rand. He had noticed that Max's ear had swollen up and seemed to be filled with liquid. We rushed off to the vet, which meant walking to the vet, with a loud, yelling cat. Ahh, city life.

Weavings Spotted on OITNB!

The latest season of Orange is The New Black was pretty incredible, as usual, but I couldn't help but also notice some gorgeous weavings on the set. This was very exciting for me.

Things Are Finally Hanging From My Ceiling

An apartment just isn't a home (to me) until things are hanging from the ceiling. I love finding a good stud and suspending my possessions in the air. For plants, this is a must, since my sweet babies will destroy any plant they can reach. And in such a small apartment, it's a huge space saver. But I did this a lot in our giant old home, too. Hanging things from the ceiling just makes a place look more finished, in my opinion.

The problem was, I didn't have a good stud finder. I'd had a battery operated one before, and it was very confusing and unreliable. After a little research, I learned about magnetic stud finders, so I ordered this one online.

Art Trades

You want to know what’s incredibly flattering and a boost to the ol’ self esteem? Being asked to do an art trade!

Calling yourself an “artist” is kind of a weird thing. What I made is art, so I am an artist, but it is a weird thing to call yourself. And I hesitated to use that word for a long time until one of my fourth grade students told me she selected a famous Missourian to research because “she’s an artist and so am I.” I thought that was a pretty courageous thing to do. Just be an artist if you want, why not? I swear, kids are the best. 

An Important Date Has Passed.....

This post is almost a month late. On one hand, I was so excited about it that I'm surprised I missed it. However, it makes sense that I was too busy to notice. You know what it is?

My 101 in 1001 deadline was September 21, 2015! Two and a half years ago, I was bored with life and thought some goal-setting might help get me out of my rut. And now, today, I'm so busy with my exciting life that I accidentally missed the day I meant to write about the experience. I guess that means it worked...??

So let's take a look at the list and see how I did.

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