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One benefit of not having any friends is that I have plenty of time to read! Here's what I've been reading since we arrived in Seattle and I suddenly found all this time on my hands.

The Hunger Games sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go. I’ve never been interested in Dystopian novels before, but this one was too hard to resist. I read it faster than I think I've ever read anything else!  Catching Fire was also very good, but MockingJay was when I started to lose interest. The first two are so thrilling, and then the third one just felt like it dragged on and on without much excitement. But then I watched the movies....pretty great. 

One of my summer goals was to read the whole Harry Potter series. I made it through the first three, and I would have gone farther, because they are amazing, but my move across the country slowed me down. I was also sad to discover I don’t own the whole series (I thought I did in my classroom library) so as soon as I finish the two books I have going now, I’m going to march down to Twice Sold Tales and gather up the rest of my collection. 

The Position and The Wife, both by Meg Wolitzer, were excellent. They were definitely for grown-ups, but Wolitzer is always so good to put a twist in her novels that makes you rethink everything, especially after she’s cornered you into forming some strong opinions about her characters. So far I’ve read three of her books (the other was The Interestings) and I like how she tends to write about aging bohemians and their quests to have artistic careers, or at least still see themselves as artists when they have to get jobs to pay the bills. She’s become one of my favorite writers, and I’m planning to grab any of her other novels I come across at the used bookstores. 

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls is another by David Sedaris, who I want to say is my all-time favorite author. I will never trade in any of his books, because I read and reread his work and always end up LOLing. He is the best of the best when it comes to funny memoir-type short stories. I’m only missing a couple more of his books for my collection, but I’m always hunting for them. I highly recommend you read his books and love them as much as I do.

At my sister’s suggestion, I started the Series of Unfortunate Events, and I'm on the eighth book now. They are such a fun and easy read! After years of my students telling me how great they are and presenting book reports to me about them, I'm excited to finally see what the big deal is. They are a hoot.

I'm always looking for book suggestions! Anyone read anything good lately? 


  1. I'm glad you finally read The Hunger Games! I completely agree with your thoughts on MockingJay, I am excited to see the final installment though this winter! I'm trying to finish The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty and can't seem to get into it. I think there are two many points of view in the novel. I'd like to read another Gillian Flynn novel though.

    1. Me too! Anxiously awaiting the last movie. I've only read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, but it was amazing. It had that same "Holy crap" moment like in Meg Wolitzer's novels! I think Gillian Flynn has a book called "Sharp Objects" or something like that I want to check out.


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