We're Moved In and My Least Favorite Thing About Seattle Is....

All our stuff is in the Seattle apartment, and I have made a promise to myself to never again move until I can afford to hire a moving company to do it for me. I'm so tired of carrying my dresser and mattress up and down stairs.  But we're done with that for a while!

We moved in and we haven't gotten our wifi set up yet, so I haven't been able to blog in a few days. I want to show you how everything has fit into the little place. Somehow, we managed to lose both our HAMMER and our DRILL in the move, so until I get my new ones from Amazon, nothing is hanging from the wall or ceiling. So it looks a little more crowded than it should.

BUT. I would like to give a little shout-out to myself, for getting rid of so much stuff. What we have left seems to fit perfectly in the place. I'm kind of proud of myself for all that purging.
Please notice that I placed the armoire in front of that weird little window thing. I like the kitchen being more private, plus I don't know where else I could have put the armoire.
Here are two tapestries that need to hang on the wall, as soon as I get my hands on a drill.

The kitchen and dining area has some really unflattering light that I need to learn to work with. For now, I don't know how to work with it, so I thought I'd make up for it by standing on a stool and getting some shots from up high.

Dining table....portraits that need to be hung.
More stuff waiting to hang up...
Brown town kitchen...
Clearly I need to read up on white balance. Ok, have I self-depreciated enough? It is clear enough that I'm not satisfied with these photos and I want you to know that? Good, moving on.

Ah, back to natural light. Here's the itty bitty bedroom. My dream is to someday get either this bed or this bed from West Elm, but for now, our mattress sits on the floor. So bohemian!
Rand still has a little unpacking to do! Look at those shelves, though.
This time I thought I'd try putting all my little treasures together in one place, rather than having them spread all around the house. I like it much better this way!
Want to know my least favorite thing about Seattle? So far I have loved everything here except for...the slugs. Rand and I went for a walk the other night, and we walked into the apartment and stood there talking for a minute. Then I felt something wet on my ankle, like I was getting a little cat kiss. Nope! A SLUG had climbed up my boot and onto my leg!! It was disgusting. And then my new friend Jen tells me there are what's called "banana slugs" here because they're the size of bananas. There's another great reason to add to my long list of reasons why I will not go camping. 


  1. I HATE SLUGS! That is awful!

  2. It's looking great! I like how you split the sectional with an end table. I also hate slugs and stepped on one in the basement once, so gross.

  3. Loving the pictures and the way you have used the space. If you are taking a poll, I like the grey bed!!

  4. Banana slug in the house? I've never heard of that! Yuck! Is that a Seattle/Washington thing because of the moisture? We used to get slugs in the garage (here in sf) -I covered the drains with garden fabric and that did the trick. Also they hate copper and you can get that in stick on strips if they are getting in through the windows.
    I covet that sectional of yours.

  5. Banana slugs sound even worse than land slug. The job of searching through the garden and picking up slugs is not one of the great, rewarding gardening tasks, and is one I’d all rather avoid.
    Garden clearance expert


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