The Little Apartment on Capitol Hill

One more little step in the process is complete. We picked up the keys to our little apartment, and we are free to move in. First I had to take photos, and next I need to clean, but baby steps, people. Baby steps.

This is the view from the bedroom window. You can't tell from the photo very well, but we can see the tops of some Seattle skyscrapers from the window, so I'm pretty excited to see it at night. This apartment has beautiful light.

Below is the living room. There's a broom outside. Not sure why that's there.

The cats are going to love sitting in these windows! The windows have screens so when they're open, we can get a nice breeze. Have I told you about the air conditioning thing yet? It usually doesn't get too hot here, so very few people have air conditioning. Even though the heat wave seems to be over and it feels great indoors, it is still an adjustment for this Missouri girl. Where I come from, your house should feel like a fridge in the summer. 

The floors are bamboo, and they are awesome. The condo we're in now has wall to wall carpet, and me no likey. I need my floors solid and cold and wood. The paint is sort of grey/beige/greige, so I it's not bothering me. In fact, not having to worry about home repairs is kind of nice. We went through and listed every issue we could find to the property manager, and he scheduled appointments to get everything fixed. Renting has some perks, I guess. At my house, that was my job. :(

This is the view from the front door to the kitchen. It's a compact little space, with a brand spanking new stove and dishwasher.  And there's that handy little opening where I can pass Rand's dinner to him while he's sitting on the sofa! We dine at the coffee table, of course.

Here's a view of the kitchen. It's cozy, and I plan to put a big metal shelf against the wall across from the dishwasher. Rand thinks it will be too cozy, but I am going to do it anyway.

Here's the hallway to the bathroom. They were still finishing the bathroom floor and tub surround when we were there last night. I wonder if they've finished.

I cannot wait to scrub that tub and take a soak. I LOVE baths and it has been too long since I've had one.

There's carpet in this one tiny bedroom, and it's not my most favoritest thing, but the property manager promised me it's brand new, and it is kind of soft. It's going to be so fun to clean cat puke off of carpet, but what can one do? Also, look at that weird drawer thing that doesn't go all the way to the ceiling.

And finally, here's the view from the other side of the bedroom. Rand thinks I am a genuine crazy person because I plan to put a bed, nightstand, peacock chair, dresser, and metal shelves all in this room. Also maybe a cat tree. I told him that I'm going to try a "layered look."

What do you think? Does it have potential? I think maybe so. Tonight we are headed to scrub the place down and move a few things in!

*Side note: If you are reading this, please take a moment to leave a nice comment. I would love your feedback, and also, it's so nice to know I'm not just talking to an empty room...Thanks, friends!!


  1. Baths are my FAVORITE! Did your house not have one? Also, did it get rented?

    1. Me too! Our house had one, but we're into the third week now of this moving process and I haven't had a tub (of my own, www) this whole time. So I'm excited to get one all to myself! We just finished with the handyman, and my sister is cleaning the house this weekend. Then it will be ready to hand over to the rental company. That reminds me, I need to put the word out on Facebook.

  2. That's a great space! You looked like you had your first place fixed up nice, so this one will be even better. My cousin lives in Oregon and they don't have air conditioning in apartments there...must be nice! It's been close to 95 each day and humidity has been awful! So glad to see another post!

    1. Now that the heat wave is over, it is much nicer. I love open windows and a breeze through the house. I can't wait to get started decorating. I've seen photos of your house and you always have such a well-decorated space too! I love to arrange and rearrange, so this should be fun!

  3. Oh the perks of apartment living! I miss them every time something goes wrong number with our house!

    1. After 8 years of owning a house, I'm feeling a little spoiled! The downside is, I can't repaint any walls or change any light fixtures....


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