Big Life Changes (I Live in Seattle Now!)

Hey stranger!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have moved to Seattle, WA. I had planned to write a "Guess what? We're moving to Seattle!" post, but instead I had to pack the moving truck and drive across the country, so instead this is a "Guess what? We just moved to Seattle!" post.

It happened kind of fast. Here's the basic story (that we've agreed to tell people, haha):

  • We've wanted to move for like, ever. 
  • We started looking around at jobs, just dreaming, you know. 
  • A job in Seattle that was perfect but seemingly unattainable popped up. 
  • Rand applied, thinking, "Ha! I'll never get this, but let's just see." 
  • He interviewed and was offered the job. 
  • We stared at each other, surprised. 
  • I quit my job, we packed up everything, said goodbye to everyone, and drove our stuff and the cats to Seattle. 
  • I accepted a new teaching job.
It seriously can happen just like that, I guess. 

BTW, that takes care of #8 and #82 on my 101 in 1001 list

I got my first ever piece of ABM Happy Mail from Diane. It was the most needed message. And I had to say goodbye to Eurasia Coffee and Tea and everything on CStreet. Sad times.

Saying goodbye to all my Springfield and Nixa friends was so sad. Side note: Are my legs really that pale? I know I'm pale, but that looks like I'm wearing white tights. That's just ridiculous. I belong where the sun doesn't shine. Those are my people, I guess.

And here are a few pretty shots from the road....

Arriving and seeing that city skyline for the first time. FYI, I had never been to Seattle before arriving in the moving truck.

We stayed at an Airbnb on Vashon Island our first night, so we got to ride a ferry, while riding in our car. That was new.

That's the update for now. Next up: finding a place to live! 


  1. Your time line cracked me UP! This update was so much fun to vicariously through you. Yahoooooo for getting a job!

    1. Ha! Thanks! That's really how it feels. So sudden and crazy.


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