Woven Wall Art by Romeo Reyna

Oh hey there.

I think I stumbled onto something the other night. I was on one of those Pinterest binges where you click on one thing, then another, and another, and before long you are looking at things totally unrelated to what you were first looking at. It is the biggest time waste I can think of. I usually say that about video games, but at least playing video games makes you good at something. Pinterest is stupid. Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, I stumbled onto some woven wall hangings with that chunky, 70's look that I love, and the name Romeo Reyna popped up. The only notable name I've come across associated with vintage fiber art is Don Freedman. Now I had this new name to search with, and here's what I found.

Some great images and not much else.

I found a blurb about him in a 1978 issue of Texas Monthly that says,
Hang the expense and hang one of Romeo Reyna's gorgeous tapestries. For $1000 minimum, he'll do a custom order for you, using the traditional American Indian upright loom technique. Hallmarks of his style are bright, undulating patterns and course, nubby textures. When not in his studio in Lubbock, Reyna can be found at his restaurant, the Azteca Nuevo. Samples of his work are also on display at Olla Padrida in Dallas.

Whoa, there. A couple of these look familiar.  To be clear, I don't actually know for sure if these are by Reyna. This just what turned up in a search, although, the first tapestry was credited to Reyna on 1stdibs.

But now I have another piece of the puzzle!


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  2. These amazing wall art attract most of the people by their embroidery and these have quite attractive color combination. I also bought two of these wall art for my home decor .These wall arts are giving impressive look.
    buy online tapestry wall hangings

  3. So pretty! This would look great alongside the outdoor canvas art I just bought recently.

  4. Romeo was a Neighbor of mine and he Passed away April 26,2016. And I didn't know that he made beautiful Art until he passed.
    R.I.P u will truly be missed Romeo REyna.


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