#15, Check!*

I did something I'm kind of proud of.

I got a tattoo!**


Yep, flowers. I'm so unoriginal. I just really like them. Some people seem to have a lot favorite things, but I don't really have too many of those things. So I went with flowers.

Also, you might notice that it is rather large. I REALLY like that. I knew if I wanted a tattoo, I wanted a tattoo, not some tiny little thing that could be mistaken for a mole.

Seriously, I feel so awesome all the time. The flowers turned out gorgeous, and even though I didn't pay very much attention to the placement while it was happening (first-timer), I got incredibly lucky, because it's perfect. All my short sleeve shirts cover it, so I can wear all my same clothes to work. Obviously, it shows with sleeveless tops, but I don't usually wear those to work anyway, because I'm so forgetful about shaving my armpits. And I teach fifth grade. So no.

The flowers sit right on my shoulder, and the color is incredible. When it first healed, I was a little disappointed that the colors seem to fade slightly. Then I started being more aware of people around me with tattoos. Now I've noticed that the colors in mine are pretty amazing.  I went to Sarah Blinkhorn at Hearts of Fire Tattoo in Springfield, MO, if you're interested.

This was such an exciting thing to do. I felt brave. And of course, I'm so predictable. I want more!

* This item was #15 on my 101 in 1001 list. Please take a look at my list, and let me know if my list inspires you to start your own!

** Please remember, this tattoo is on my body permanently. Negative comments will only hurt my feelings. If tattoos are not your thing, then just politely ignore this post.


  1. Haha, forgetting to shave your pits! I do the same. I think you have inspired me to get finally get the tattoo I've been wanting for so long. I'll start with a white lily and then maybe a bird to build a sleeve.

    1. I'm already ready for my next one!! I want Lucille Ball on my arm under my flowers. :)

  2. You are so brave! I'm so chicken (mostly, mom). And shaving is SO last year.


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