Some Etsy Ch-Ch-Changes

When I have an idea, I tend to just go for it and work out the details later.

Blog, boom.

House, boom.

Etsy shop, boom.

I make it happen. It's only later, when I've had a chance to reflect, that I start to make changes and improvements (or regret being so impulsive, ahem, sofa). This blog has gone through several name changes and styles over time. I'm actually surprised I finally found something to stick with. I lived in my house almost five years before I got the courage to paint anything. Now we know how that has turned out (I mean, I paint stuff too much). And the Etsy shop, yes, it is evolving as well.

When I first started my shop, almost a year ago, I had no idea what I was doing. But I know I learn best by doing, and I have! I started out with a goofy name, Eck Art, which didn't roll off the tongue that well, but it was a little bit funny if you knew my last name. It was annoying to say, however, and it didn't really match my dreams of including vintage finds in my shop. Plus, I really, really wanted a logo. So I needed something that looked a little prettier when written.

So, I changed it. Yeah, that's what I've been getting at this whole time. I CHANGED MY SHOP NAME. How exciting!

I named it after my grandma, Viola Maye.

Grandma's name was spelled in a pretty, unique way, plus it's just a unique name, anyway. Plus, she's my grandma. Perfect. And a logo? BOOM.

 photo ViolaMaye-smallcopysquare.jpg

I'm so legit! Now what?! I don't know. But click on over to my Etsy shop and admire my logo. Also, check out Brand Me Beautiful if you need any pretty digital stuff made. And you know, if you want to share my shop with others, I'll love you forever.


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