Living Room

There's not much going on around the Eckhouse these days, but I noticed my house tour photos are really outdated. I guess blogs require some routine maintenance or whatever. Anyway, I decided to play house photographer in my living room. The results aren't too bad, I think.

The peacock chair has come downstairs, where it can get more attention. Plus it told me it wants to be seen with the giant wall hanging.

That lamp was a freebie from my friend Amanda. It needs a shade and some rewiring, but it has an awesome shape. I hope to get brave enough to play with it soon. Anybody out there know anything about rewiring vintage lamps? That scares me a little, but I've seen others manage it.

I think I made the right decision sticking with the green sofa. It keeps the room light and bright. Now I'm working on expanding my collection of pillows to break it up a little bit. I'm also dreaming of finding a reasonably priced cowhide rug for the middle of the living room.

And here's an extra photo of Simon chasing the laser pointer and scratching up the sofa. He's such a cute little monster.


  1. Looks great! I'm glad the chair told you to bring it downstairs!

  2. The lamp looks great in your pretty room! It's much happier there than in my basement. I'm glad you gave it a home!

  3. I just got way too excited over a desk! Seeing it styled IN YOUR HOME makes me giddy! YAY! That chair too! Love the pillow perched in the seat.


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