Don Freedman Weaving Inspiration

I've been feeling a bit frustrated with the world of weaving lately. When I first discovered fiber art a few years ago, via The Brick House, it was weird and uncommon. I liked that it was weird as much as I liked the weavings themselves. Now, weavings have become very popular, but not as art. Now they're more of a DIY, where everyone churns out the same crap over and over. I love DIY, but not when it comes to art. Art should be inspired, not created according to a step by step tutorial. Ugh.

Anyway, I haven't been weaving as much lately, because every time I sit down at my loom, I end up feeling like I was just making the same thing everyone else is. Not cool.

I need some fresh inspiration. I want to be different. As my weaving idol Maryanne Moodie says, we need to weave weird. Always be learning new techniques and pushing ourselves to create something different. I want to stand out from the crowd, you know? As I've been searching for fresh ideas, I remembered this amazing post by Morgan Satterfield from years ago. Unfortunately, Morgan has quit blogging, but you should still visit her blog, start at the beginning, and read everything she's ever written. You'll be a way happier person when you're done. 

I discovered weaving from Morgan's blog, and her blog was where I first learned of Don Freedman. He was a fiber artist in the 1970's who created an incredibly unique look. His work has been imitated plenty of times, but his signature style is easily recognizable.  I've been studying his weavings lately, looking for some new techniques I can learn and incorporate in my own weavings. 

Here are some examples of his work. Not all of these are Don Freedman originals, but his style is pretty distinct. I couldn't stand to not include all the images I could find, so there are quite a few here. I want to learn how to do this stuff!

Mmm. I'm seeing poms, short rya, negative space, wacky colors, and funky edges. Also lots of loops. Loops are hard. I need to get better at loops.

Pretty amazing stuff, and so unlike all the copycat crap I'm seeing lately. I'm going to give some of these techniques a try, and see if I can develop something all my own. Someday, I want someone to blog about Layne Eckhardt's signature style. :)

All sources can be found here on my Pinterest board, To Weave or Knot.


  1. Is this the guy you were telling me about? So good. I like the added in rods, they look sort of like dyed bamboo or something.

    1. Yes, that's him! He's so out there, and I love it. I'm trying a piece now that's just all his techniques, and the rods are actually pretty tricky.


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