A Seventies Sofa for a Minute

Uh-oh. Somebody bought a new sofa and chair set!

Not sure what happened here.

I went a little crazy, I guess. Danavee, Diane and I were out thrifting, and I was supposed to only be buying a desk. I ended up finding a desk, and a peacock chair, and then this set caught my eye.

Mkay, now I know it's not for everyone. It's a little loud, I get it. But in such a retro way! That striped pattern and wood trim looks earthy and bohemian. Plus, that thing is so cushy and nap-inducing. Yummy!

I'm guessing 1970's? 80's? The tag says Benchcraft and looks pretty vintage. My favorite thing about the set is the removable back cushions. It makes them so much softer and it reminds me of the sofa my parents had when I was little.

I got the price down a bit, and reminded myself I could sell my green sectional and definitely cover the cost of this sofa. I made some calls and got someone to haul the sofa, then we stuffed everything else into Diane's mini-van and drove it back to my house. We unloaded everything, got the green sofa out of the way, and put the new sofa in place, and-


Spoiler alert! Serious buyer's remorse.

I instantly realized that while I did really like this sofa, I didn't love it enough to part with my green sectional. Plus, with my wood floors and other wood furniture, this room was a total brown town.


Yep, I sold it. I made back what I paid for it, at least. And my living room is not longer packed with furniture, so there's that. But now I owe some apologies. 

Rand, I'm sorry for being insane sometimes about sofas.

Danavee, I'm sorry for taking your entire afternoon to debate the pros and cons of this sofa only to change my mind about the sofa. Thanks for listening to me talk so much about how furniture impacts my life.

Diane, I'm sorry for making you rearrange every seat and item in your mini-van in order to fit a ridiculous amount of thrifted furniture in there. That must have taken a while to put back into place. It was pretty funny, though.

Random guy who helped me move the sofa across town because you owed my brother-in-law a favor, I'm sorry for wasting 40 minutes of your Sunday afternoon. I hope you had the following day off work like I did.

Brother-in-law, I'm sorry I wasted a favor that guy owed you. Now I owe you a favor, although I don't have much to offer you except maybe some furniture.

Glad to clear the air there. I feel better!

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  1. I do like it! I get it though, I have totally overdone brown too. It's a challenging color to work with unless you can redo walls, a rug... it gets to be too much. I think it was an awesome find.

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

    1. Agreed. Brown can be tough, especially when you feel like you have too much in a room. Thanks for visiting!!

  2. You don't owe me an apology! I loved spending the afternoon debating the removable plush cushions! I'm SO SAD it didn't work out, BUT I'm also so happy that you sold it and didn't lose money!

    1. I was sad too, for a bit, because I really loved both sofas! I just couldn't part with the green one. Also, my husband now thinks I'm crazy. Want to go thrifting again? :)

  3. Lol! Your post had me laughing towards the end about your buyer's remorse. I actually love the sofa, but I could see how it could make your living room "too brown". I'm not much of a brown person myself. But it's a great set!! Sounds like you figured out what worked best for you in the end though. ;)

    1. Ha! Thank you! I loved it too, but it just wasn't working in that room. Hopefully it went to a good home!

  4. Really love all of the new furniture too, and I think that lamp looks good against the grey wall after all that! my home page

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