Watched Lately

I've been watching a lot of movies lately to pass the time while I weave or paint. Lately I've watched these and here's what I think:

Mermaids was pretty good. I really love Winona Ryder. The Suburbans was not great, but Will Farrell was, as he always is. Django Unchained was absolutely incredible. Shocking, gory, repulsive, and intense. I recommend watching it, but only once, and only through your fingers so you can look away quickly.

The Great Gatsby was also fabulous. Leo is still beautiful. Cinderella Man was sort of whatever, since its about boxing and I get bored watching suspenseful sportsing scenes. But Russell Crowe sportsed the best so it was a pretty good film. Finally, The Lego Movie was awesome. Will Farrell was great, as always.

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