Gray Floors

Oh hey! We have gray floors.

Just to review, we started with these lovely floors you see above. They weren't pretty, but they were in good shape. I removed the carpet, carpet padding, tack strips and loose nails, sanded, and then primed.

After priming I filled holes with wood filler and caulked up any big gaps, then primed again. After that, the floors were flawless and ready for paint.

And I went with gray. So glad I did.

Here are some lovely, grainy nighttime shots of the floor.

I took these photos the night I finished, then the next day Rand immediately moved his desk and mess back into the room. I doubt I'll be sharing any photos that craziness.

This has made me realize that all my upstairs floors should be gray.


  1. AMAZING! We'll just hire you to do two rooms, k?

    1. Thanks! Um...I'll get back to you on that! My painting hand is cramped up. :)

  2. They look beautiful, Layne! You did a great job!


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