A Dramatic Scooter Story

I spent all last weekend stewing and moping about how awful the world can be. Rand and I had just experienced our first theft, and it stung, man.

We've never had anything stolen before. That's something I've always been very proud to say about our neighborhood. People would say things like, "You live on the north side? Eww, bet you can't wait to move." (No joke, people really say that.) And I could reply with, "Actually, it's a nice place to live. People are friendly, and I feel safe, and we've never had anything stolen or bothered!"

Not anymore. Now the jerks are right.

Early Friday morning, I left for work, and as always, I mentally noted where the scooter was so I wouldn't hit it with my car door. By the time Rand needed to go to work, it was gone. Someone had come into our backyard in the early morning, broken the lock position on the scooter's handles, and rolled it away.

Having something stolen really sucks. Having someone trespass into my own yard and steal something while one of us is home makes my skin crawl.

So we moped, cried, whined, and consoled each other all weekend. We filed a police report, and wandered around the neighborhood with the clicker hoping we could set off the alarm and hear it. No luck. In fact, we became convinced we would never see it again, so we decided to just make the best of things. Thanks to Dave Ramsey, we always have a little money stashed away for emergencies, so we decided to use it.


Isn't it beautiful?! We bought it on Monday, and it felt so good to be able to recover from that whole thing and take a scooter ride Monday night. Plus, I think this one is prettier than the old one, anyway. We even splurged and bought us both new helmets. No more wearing a bicycle helmet on the scooter for me!


On Tuesday afternoon Rand got a call at work that the Springfield Police had found his stolen scooter!! Georgie, this is drama! (Line from Ed Wood...anybody?)

Some guy had been trying to hot wire it in an alley when an old man walked up and the guy took off. The police were able to identify it from the police report and Rand's MSU parking sticker. As you can see, they were able to do some damage, but we think we're looking at less than $100 in repairs.

AND WE HAVE TWO SCOOTERS!!! We can go for rides together!

Obviously, I get the new one.

And you can bet those things are secured like Fort Knox now.

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