New York City 2 // The Highline

If you're looking for ideas for what to do in NYC, I recommend that A Cup of Jo should be one of your first stops. I've learned so many fun things about the city, and it was in this article that I first learned about the Highline. The Highline is a park that has been built on an old elevated freight line. It's lush and green, with seating, food vendors, a splash pad, and incredible views of Manhattan. Since I was by myself during the day, this was the perfect place to just wander around and watch the people.

Seating was available all over the place, and I wondered what all of these people were doing with this kind of time on their hands. How do you afford to live in New York and spend a Monday afternoon napping in the sun on the Highline? Or maybe they were all just tired tourists. I liked it though, since I like to watch people and I don't mind being around lots of strangers who don't try to talk to me,

I didn't have any cash on me, plus I was a little overwhelmed, trying to follow the flow of traffic as I entered the Highline, so I missed my chance to hear this guy (turns out his name is Will Barnet) perform a bit of Shakespeare. I have made it my mission to hunt this guy down and hear a performance the next time I visit the City. I'll find you, Will! And I will request the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. :)

Of course, the views of Manhattan, the Hudson River and New Jersey were the greatest treat for me. I walked the entire length of the park twice and discovered that if you put in headphones and listen to music as you walk around this city, you'll feel just like you're in a movie. :)

More photos coming soon!

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