Watched This Week

Lately I've been taking it easy, just weaving and watching movies on Netflix. I'm nowhere close to getting bored with this lifestyle. 

+ The Giant Mechanical Man made me laugh while sort of keeping me on the verge of tears the whole time. It was also just a beautiful film, with great shades of blue in every shot.

+ Girl Most Likely was hysterical. Kristen Wiig is always awesome.  

+ Safety Not Guaranteed was strange and really fun to watch. I plan to make Rand watch it and he's going to love it.

+ My ten-year-old nephew and I watched Puss in Boots, and I was LOLing way more than he was. This one was actually DVR'ed. Sorry.

+ Our Idiot Brother had its funny moments, but I was glad when it was over. Not impressed.

+ I still don't understand what's so great about Annie Hall, but this film did include two things I love: Paul Simon and some killer 70's fiber art.

Have you watched anything great on Netflix streaming lately? Please share! 


  1. And wouldn't you know it, not ONE Redbox in the area has Girl Most Likely. Because you know, Redbox is how we roll. (Lame.)

    1. Redbox has its perks, too! I'm not sure how old that movie is. I've just been taking Netflix's suggestions, and they've been pretty spot on. :)

  2. The Giant Mechanical Man is such a sweet movie. One of my all time favorites.

    And this might seem creepy, but you and I live very near each other. My husband and I ride bikes to Commercial Street sometimes and we ride by your house which I was oh so tempted to buy but we need some land.

    1. That is too cool! I really enjoy our neighborhood and the easy access to Commercial Street. Not creepy at all-great coincidence! :)


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