Our Sofa Search is Over! (Again!)

Sofa Search 2013/14 is officially over. For the second time. I can't remember if I ever told you what happened with our leather Mad Men sofa. Remember that guy? He was so, so, so good-looking. But he was not comfortable on our rears, which is huge for two coffee-table diners like us. We sold the leather sofa for a little more than we paid for it, so that was nice, but we were still left without a mid-century style sofa for the living room.

It wasn't blog-worthy, but we went back to using the ugly but comfortable leather sofa we got ten years ago. We even started talking about buying a new sofa, since we really wanted something bigger. Maybe a sectional? The thrifting fairies must have heard us talking.

My friend Aimee is a true friend. She always passes along tips for great sales. I'm not sure I'm a big enough person to do that for anyone. It was a Friday afternoon when she emailed me pictures of an estate sale on Craigslist. The sale featured lots of vintage treasures, so Rand and I hustled over on Saturday morning. $200 later (Well, more than $200...we'll save the rest for a Thrifty Finds post) we had a new-to-us mid-century sectional sofa!

It is perfect.

Comfortable? Yes. Smell and stain free? Yes. Roomy? Yes.

Fabric that doesn't seem to attract cat hair? Actually, yes. My only worry about bringing a fabric sofa into our house was that it would be covered in cat hair in no time. I'm happy to report that the big waffle weave fabric doesn't have hair stuck all over it. There's a little on it of course, but that goes for everything in this house, and the color of this sofa hides it well. Sofa heaven, you guys.

I went ahead and snapped a few more pictures of my living room, because that's what I'm into. That basket on my bicycle also came from the same estate sale. I really can't wait to report on this sale.

That color kills me.

The only problem I've noticed with the new sofa is that it slides apart really easily. It has those mid-century tapered legs under the skirt, and it slides across the hardwood floor with barely any force. Since the thing is actually three separate pieces, it often doesn't line up quite like it should. Maybe there are sticky pads I could put on the ends of the legs to help keep it in place. Is that a real thing?

Now Rand and I can both stretch out on the sofa at the same time. And later, when I'm in the mood for a change, I can rearrange the pieces. Thanks goes to Aimee, for the heads up, and to my sister's boyfriend Josh for driving all the way to Ozark to move it. Helping me accumulate great furniture is the way to my heart.


  1. Insanity! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the curve it makes. You can purchase rubber "furniture caps" at Lowes, by the way! They usually are white or black. Luckily, the skirt would hide them! They come in different sizes too.

    1. Thank you!!! I'm in love! I'll get to Lowe's and check out those rubber caps. That sounds like exactly what I need! :)

  2. Hi Laine ! I love your blog ! You have a new follower from Chile !

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