Furniture Friday // The Saarinen Tulip Table

I feel a series coming on! Let's start a new series about one of my favorite things-furniture. Not just any furniture, but classic, beautifully designed mid century furniture. There are a few key pieces that really give me chills, so I've decided to share a few with you in a new series I'll call Furniture Friday. 

First up-it's a good one! The Saarinen Tulip Table. Lord have mercy. 

Does furniture have this effect on you, too?

Image by Dylan Chandler, Via Apartment Therapy
This beautiful table is part of a collection designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen and produced by Knoll. According to Knoll,
Eero Saarinen vowed to address the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” he observed underneath chairs and tables -- the so-called "slum of legs." A five-year design investigation led him to the revolutionary Pedestal Collection, introduced in 1958.
Photo Via The Decoist
This table's sleek, flowing lines make it a great statement piece, while at the same time, its unobtrusive shape allows it to work in many different styles of homes. I've seen it paired with Eames and Bertoia chairs or with a set of teak dining chairs, but I was surprised to see how well it works with more traditional styles of chairs and even cushy benches. The tulip table would be great in a cozy little breakfast nook or in a fabulous dining room.

Photo Via Coco+Kelley on Flickr
Image Via The Decoratrix
If I could handle the price tag, I would go all out with a oval-shaped marble top. With all different colors of Eames chairs around it...yes! The chair possibilities are endless, especially without those pesky legs getting in the way of your style.

Image Via The Decoist
Mid century furniture is hot right now. Ugh. I hate that. It makes it hard to find and pricey, plus you end up seeing these things everywhere you look. At least I do, probably because I do a lot of looking. But this table is very versatile, simple, and fresh, so it fits into a variety of interiors. I enjoy seeing it included in many different styles of homes, and its versatility keeps it from getting old.

Photo Via Street Scene

Photo Via Schoolhouse Electric
Unfortunately, like nearly all my dream furniture finds, this table's price tag is way out of my reach. Unless I have another amazing thrifty find like my freak Wassily incident, I will probably never own an actual Saarinen Tulip table. It's alright, though, because I'm a big fan of furniture knock-offs. If it weren't for knock-offs, great design would only be for rich people, but thanks to places like IKEA, us regular people can live stylishly, too.

Hey, look! It's the IKEA Docksta table! This table is very reasonably priced at $199, and looks close enough for me. I could see myself having this table for years and years and just switching out the chairs when I need a change.

For more tulip table information and eye candy, I recommend taking a look here and here.

So what do you think? Have you ever had a tulip table in your home, or would you consider one? What chairs would you put with it? What is your opinion on furniture knock-offs?


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