Thrifty Finds // 9

There's been a little thrifting happening around here, and I've found some good stuff. I've also found some thrift-loving blog friends like Jessica and Kate, which makes digging through old smelly junk even more exciting than it already is. I love thrifting, but thrifting with a buddy is the best. Not only do you find goodies, but you can chat about all the items you spot from your childhood and laugh at all the creepy/strange/funny things for sale. There's never a shortage of those things.

Here's my latest haul:

1970's DIY books-$1 each
Thrift Haven

My brain exploded with inspiration after looking through these books. Then I became overwhelmed with project ideas and had to recover by taking a nap.

Aloe Vera plant-$10
Vendor's Mart 

I've wanted an Aloe Vera plant for this bullet planter for a while now, so I was pretty excited to find a big one already in a ceramic pot. All I had to do was set the whole thing in the planter. Best part: the cats don't eat succulents!

Candy Dish-$2.50
STD Flea Market (I know, I know)

One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to expand my studio pottery collection, which is a joke because this is only the second piece of studio pottery I've ever purchased. Now I'm just slightly closer to being able to say I have a collection. I love the color of that dish.

Falsa Blanket-$4.00
Urban Market

I'm seeing a lot of vintage textiles from around the world lately, so I picked up this Mexican Falsa blanket thinking maybe I could use it to create some pillow covers. Then the thought of sewing made me so tired I had to take a nap. I hope to tackle that project very soon.

Be sure to check out the Nifty Thrifty link up at A Living Space. There are some incredible finds over there. Until next time, be thrifty!


  1. great finds - i cant believe you got such a perfect specimen of an aloe plant secondhand! i'd love that myself. blankets always tease me when i see a nice one in the thrifts...just need to think of justifications to buy more :)

    1. I thought the aloe was a great deal too! I'm happy I don't have to start with a tiny one. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the idea of turning that blanket into pillows!!!!

    1. Thank you! Me too, but I'm finding it hard to get up the courage to cut it apart. I have to obsess over it for a while before I can go through with it. :)


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