Introducing Eck Art // My Etsy Shop

I've been up to something.

Do you see that new button up there at the top of the blog? The one that says SHOP? Yeah, now you can SHOP!!

I finally decided to go for it and open an Etsy shop. It's far from perfect, and sometimes I worry my products suck, but if I wait for everything to be perfect, it will never happen. I love weaving, and if I could sell weavings and earn a little money to continue weaving, that would be enough for me. Weaving is heavenly, but it's not cheap.

The name Eck Art was Rand's idea. His best pitches for shop names also included Don't Stop Beweavin' and Take It or Weave It. I've added my four favorite tapestries that I've made so far, although there have been many pieces I've made and not liked. Those have mostly ended up pulled apart and rewoven into something else. I'm still unsure if my pricing is anywhere close or if I calculated shipping correctly, but I learn best by doing, so I'm jumping in.

So maybe you'll click that button up there and look at what I've made? Maybe you'll think it's kind of good?

It's a bit scary to put your art out there into the world and then wait to see if anyone likes it.


  1. Hi Layne, They're great! love them. -Caitlin

  2. I think this is really awesome! I like the name Eck Art, but Don't Stop Beweavin is hilarious! Love your stuff!

  3. EEEKKKK! This is exciting! Congrats to you on taking this leap! And a booth too!

    (Don't Stop Beweavin.......He's funny.)

    1. Thank you! Opening that booth has really motivated me to try new things. :)


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