My Mom's Garden Tour

For Father's Day weekend Rand and I drove down to see my parents. They live about an hour away from us, in a little cabin in the big woods. While I was there, I snapped a few photos of my mom's garden.

My mom has an amazing garden full of a huge variety of interesting plants. I love looking through her garden and greenhouse each time I visit and noticing the new blooms. Plants can be so beautiful and weird.

Aren't these little heart-shaped leaves sweet? My parents broke up an old sidewalk to create the little path below.

This garden has taken years to get to this point. She has some of the most massive Aloe plants and Hastas I've ever seen. She also some plants that only bloom occasionally, so you have to catch them at just the perfect time.

Little by little, I'm learning what I can and can't grow and how to make it all work. This summer has been insanely rainy, so even my plants are looking pretty good this year. I still have a long way to go to catch up with the variety and size of my mom's garden, though.

Do you have a garden? Flowers, herbs, or vegetables? 

How long have you been gardening?

Has it been rainy where you live? Are the bugs eating you alive, like they are me??


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