A Little Travel Loom DIY

I can't stand to feel like I'm wasting time. Is anyone else out there like this? I have so many things I want to accomplish, and I feel really guilty letting a precious second slip by. So of course, when Rand and I want to drive somewhere (we'll hop in the car for a road trip on a moment's notice) I feel like I need to take something with me to work on. 

I thought a little travel loom might be a good idea. I tried taking my other loom in the car the last time we made the three hour drive to St. Louis, and it didn't work out so well. It was so big I couldn't get anything done or get comfortable. Fortunately, looms are very easy and cheap to make! Here's my version:

I used a dowel rod, canvas stretchers, and my staple gun.

I used these canvas stretchers from a local craft store. They come in all different sizes and fit together easily, so you can just pick your dimensions. 

My staple gun is one of my best friends.

Just fit the stretchers together like a picture frame and staple. Don't be afraid to nudge and tap the stretchers into place until they line up.

So easy, yes?!

I tested out a new warping method, and so far, it has worked pretty well. I tied these two pieces of yarn around the top of the loom and the dowel rod.

This part was a little tricky, but next I tied my warp thread around the dowel rod and the bottom of the loom. I started in the middle to help keep everything even.

I kept going, tying warp threads the same way until I had the number I wanted. This method was a little more trouble than just wrapping it back and forth around the loom, but I'm hoping it will allow me to weave all the way up to the dowel, and when I'm done with the weaving, I can just remove the dowel and the weaving in one piece from the loom. I originally saw this idea on Instagram from Hooked on Happy and I thought it was brilliant.

So there you go-all ready for a good weave.

Now, with a little Dramamine, I'll be ready for my next road trip.


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