The Carpet Removal Continues...

The carpet in the craft studio/dressing room/whatever is finally gone! Rand wasn't at home, so I did all this myself. It was a serious workout.

The flea market booth has allowed me to clean out some closet space, so I was able to consolidate everything into one other closet and free up this one. Once it was empty, I started in the far corner and pulled. It went as planned, but I was disappointed to discover that the wood floor in the closet doesn't match the wood floor in the rest of the room. I suspect this closet was originally an unfinished space, and someone just did a crappy job finishing it. I may be able to fix it up with caulk, though.

On a side note: I really want to paint this closet black. I've discovered that besides the crappy wood floor, the walls are also some paper thin material rather than plaster or sheet rock. I'm wondering if I should just paint the thin stuff, add some trim, and call it done, since it hasn't really been a problem up to this point. Or do I owe it to my house to rip out the cheap junk and do it right? Either way, I think the final result will be black.

Next I continued out of the closet...

...and across the room. Compared to the bedroom, the floor needs more of a sanding to get all the paint and plaster splatters up, but the wood floors are actually in better shape. Some of the trim is also missing its quarter-round, so we have to replace that.

Currently this is the state of my craft studio. It is such a luxury to have all this space dedicated to my projects! I can't wait to have white floors in here, but I don't see myself getting to that project before summer vacation. *Sigh*

It will be so worth it in the end.

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