Thrifty Finds // 8

Saturday was spent thrifting up a storm around Springfield with my lovely new friend Jessica. We hit Vendor's Mart on Glenstone, STD Flea Market, 1/2 Price Books, CD Warehouse, and this creepy little place behind a fence that just had a handwritten sign that said "Flea Market." It was a pretty successful trip, I think.

Here's what I ended up with.

Tough Smoker Guy drawing-$5
Vendor's Mart

I love this guy. He looks like a rock star, smokin' and everything. Right on! He doesn't care what you think!

Vintage Decorating Books-$1 each
Vendor's Mart

These decorating books from the 70's are amazing. I keep seeing so many things in these books that my mom had in our house when I was little and I think, "I love that thing! Whatever happened to that?!"

This is New York-$1
Vendor's Mart

This is my favorite find of the day. This children's book from 1960 shares all the great things about my favorite city, all with Mad Men charm. Includes beautiful pictures of an outdated NYC skyline, plus some beer and cigarette advertisements on Times Square, just for fun. Still working on convincing Rand that we belong there, so this book might help.

Missouri State Framed Print-$5
STD Flea Market

For only $5, I couldn't pass this up. This thing is huge. I offered it to Rand for his office, and he accepted. I think it is the view from National, looking southwest across the corner toward Grand. If I'm right, it show houses in an area that is now a parking lot, so I wonder how old it is. Second favorite find of the day. Go Bears!

Records-$1-$2.50 each
STD Flea Market and the place known only as Flea Market

I need to write a post about my new love for Carole King. All these records were in great shape! I got Linda Ronstadt-Simple Dreams, Carole King-Tapestry and Rhymes & Reasons, Paul Simon-There Goes Rhymin' Simon, and Jim Croce-You Don't Mess Around With Jim.

Mid-century Glass Carafe-$3
Vendor's Mart

This thing was so beautiful. It had little swanky gold diamonds and asterisks all over it. Then I brought it home and broke it. I set it down without removing the newspaper it was wrapped in. A few minutes later, I guess I forgot there was a beautiful carafe in that newspaper, so I brushed the paper out of my way and knocked it over. I cried for a few minutes.

I also picked up a copy of Jhumpa Lahiri's collection of short stories,  Unaccustomed Earth. I've almost finished the first story. So far it's wonderful!

Thrifting makes me so happy. I spent about $30 total, but for me, it was more fun than a shopping spree through the mall. Searching and digging for treasures, giggling about the strange stuff you discover, the rush of spotting something you love, then rushing for the register as if someone else may try to grab it out of your hands... I would always rather be thrifting.

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  1. I bought that same BH&G book recently!!!!!!! I want ALLLLL the editions!


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