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{Photo by Marij Hessel, via My Attic}

Today is the first day of my spring break, and I'm just wandering around my house, feeling sort of lost. There are too many possibilities, and I can't decide what to do. 

I'm talking about my craft studio/dressing room dilemma. I shared photos of my dressing room in this post, and I mentioned that I'm considering changing my dressing room into a craft studio. Crafty projects are very important to me, and the more hobbies I collect, the more space I need to accommodate them. It would be so nice to have a space dedicated to making a mess, where I can leave my supplies out and not feel like my mess is in Rand's way (this is what is currently happening in our dining room). Plus, the projects I'm working on, like weaving and macrame, would be so much easier if I could give them a permanent place. Macrame projects need to be suspended from the ceiling, and weaving projects need a set up that is a pain to put together each time. Besides, I'm a blogger. I like to take pictures of all the stuff I'm working on and share it with the world. That upstairs room gets amazing light, perfect for taking beautiful progress photos.

Clearly, I'm leaning toward the craft studio idea. Really, the big question is just: If I want a craft studio, where am I going to put my clothes? I have a clothing rack, shoe shelves, a scarf rod, a chest of drawers, and a dressing table. I could part with the dressing table, but where is the rest going to go? Here are the options I've come up with:

+ Option 1
Move my clothing rack, scarf rod, and shoe shelves to the bedroom dormer, and hang a curtain to separate the space. This would create a closet out of the dormer that would be next door to Rand's closet. I would still have to part with the dressing table, and it would be crowded. Plus, I'm worried this might make the bedroom, which is already pretty full of stuff, look even more cluttered.

+Option 2
Clear out the walk-in closet in the room that is being used as a dressing room. I believe the shoe shelves, clothes and scarves could all fit in there nicely, and I could probably fit the hooks that hang my purses. The dressing table would still have to go, but this would open up the rest of the room for a craft studio. This option requires that I get moving on a flea market booth/garage sale/ something to help me clear out all the stuff that is in that closet right now.

+Option 3
Leave the dressing room as is and set up a craft corner in the dining room. This basically how it is now, but I always feel like I've left a big mess in the dining room.

Big decisions. Let's look at more inspiration photos for the craft studio I'm dreaming of.

{Photo via Simply Seleta}

{Photo by The Happy Home}

{Photo via}

{Photo by Tif, via Paper & Stitch}

{Photo by Cotton Bottom Mama}
Mmm.. organization, bright walls, lots of light. It's going to take a lot of coffee, but I think I could make this happen. What do you think?

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  1. Definitely do it! Our new house has a small craft room and I can't believe how much more my girls and I craft and have fun being creative now that we have a space designated for it. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing!

    1. Thank you! I definitely need a space where I can make a mess and not worry about it.


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