This weekend my record collection was this close to sliding off the record cart, so I started shopping around my house for a container that could keep them from toppling over. I was surprised that I had this basket on hand and it fits perfectly!

I have no idea where it's from. In fact, I think my mom gave it to me.  I set it on the floor in front of the fireplace, and it's created a nice little music nook in my house. Not that I really lay there to listen to records that often, but it's cozy. Now I would love to have these record dividers by designer Kate Koepell.

A lot of the records I have here are actually my mom's. When I was little, she stayed home with me, and she said we would listen to records all day while we went about our routine. One Christmas Day, years later, my sister got my mom a new turntable, so she dug out her records from the closet and we started listening. I discovered that I recognized and knew the words to songs I hadn't heard in years, like Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am a Rock" and Peter, Paul, and Mary's "Lemon Tree," (which I seriously thought for years was a kid's song...). Music has incredible power to take you back in time, even when you were so young you don't have a clear memory of what that time looked like.

Since the day I rediscovered my mom's music, I've been slowly gathering up a collection of my own. So I made you a little playlist of some of my favorites from my mom's and from my own records.  My musical tastes are all over the place, but perhaps you'll hear something you like. So press play, turn up the volume, and let's rearrange furniture....


  1. I love the record basket idea. I have mine in a file organizer but this makes it more homey ;) Cute blog overall, I'll be back to read more!

  2. I've got my record collection in a wooden crate but it's rapidly outgrowing it! As for record organizers - I want some too, but I actually have a DIY idea that I hope to do soon.

    1. Ooo, please share your DIY when you finish it! I need some organizers but I would much rather DIY something. I'm just stumped about what I want them to look like!


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