Sofa Search 2013 Is Over!

It's here!!

You might remember how I have been dreaming of replacing our sofa for a while now.  I wasn't sure this day would ever come. It was looking like I might have to save up my pennies and spend $800 or more for a new sofa to get everything I was looking for. In fact, the other night we stopped into the JCPenney Home Store to look around, and I happened to see one of my favorites: the Darrin sofa.

When I was able to see it in person, the first thing I did was make sure those round pillows weren't attached, and they weren't. 

This was exactly what I was looking for. The midcentury shape, the tapered legs, the warm brown color, the was perfect, except for the $1600 price tag. And that was on sale from $2700. Good grief. 

So yesterday when I wandered into Urban Market, I was very excited to see the perfect little vintage leather sofa sitting there, ready to come home with me. At $330, it was still a chunk of money, but I knew I would not find a leather mid century-looking sofa anywhere else for that price. Warm brown leather, tapered legs, the shape, the was all there. 

So I bought it. And I LOVE it.

It is definitely vintage, and I would much rather spend my money at a flea market than at a big corporate store anyway. Doesn't that just seem better in principle? 

The tag inside says Custom Built Berne Furniture, Berne Indiana. I Googled it, and the company claims to use top-grain leather and refers to themselves as "high-end." Fancy!

I tried to get Max to model on the new sofa, but he bit me. He looks a little annoyed in these photos.

This sofa is comfy, clean, and repels cat hair beautifully. No strange smells, and the leather is in crazy good condition. There is a little funkiness happening with one cushion that doesn't lay down perfectly. I decided before I bought it that I could really live with it and be fine. When I got it home, I noticed that the cushions unzip, so maybe I could reach my hand in there and fix the stuffing a little bit... I'll let you know.

You are not allowed to see the rest of this room because it is a disaster. All the stuff from the bedroom is now thrown all over the living room, because a very big project is starting in there. More on that later!


  1. I love it! And I couldn't agree more - it's a much better feeling to buy something vintage than to purchase at a corporate store. So glad you got such a great deal!

  2. So nice! We, too, just purchased (after dreaming of a new couch for 7 years) a leather sofa. I am really looking forward to it wearing in and getting that great vintage leather look!


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