{Etsy Love} Linda Tillman's Gallery

If, like me, you are easily distracted by shiny pretty things, you might understand how difficult Christmas shopping can be for people like us. Just when I have a clear idea of the gift I'm looking for-Oh! Shiny! What's that?! And then I realize it's an hour later.

I was digging around for a little gift for my mom the other day and I stumbled across a new favorite. Since it's not time to shop for myself, all I can do is share Linda Tillman's Gallery with everyone who will listen. She has a beautiful collection of prints that feature mid-century modern awesomeness. Tillman's pieces include touches of Southern California scenery, iconic furniture, cute cats and dogs, and hints of atomic space-age glamour, and they are really reasonably priced. As in, I might talk myself into getting more than one. Wouldn't these look great as a pair on the wall?

And of course, you know which ones are at the top of my wish list:

Cats and fabulous furniture? Perfection, in my book.

Visit Linda Tillman's Gallery to see the rest of her collection.

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  1. These are so cute! Did you see your guest post is up today?



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