Decorating Around White Floors

Remember back when we ripped up our bedroom carpet on a whim, and then when I decided to paint the floors, and when my car needed repaired so we couldn't afford to take on the project? Then Thanksgiving happened, and now Christmas and so on. Life got in the way of my decorating dreams.

That dream is still alive, though, and I'm hoping to get this project back underway while I'm on Christmas break. After a lot of debate, pinning, and pro/con listing, I've landed back on white floors. I know gray may be a little more forgiving about dirt and scuffs, but it just doesn't make my heart flutter the way white floors do. Every time I come across a photo of white floors, I tell myself that I will regret it if I don't try white floors in my bedroom.

I've been reading a lot of advice about how to paint wood floors white (if you're interested, I'm relying on this advice from Door Sixteen), but in my digging, I've noticed a few details that I really love about rooms with white floors. I've gathered up some examples of what I'm seeing and hope to recreate in my room. 

{Photo by Christina Strutt, via Design Sponge}

Add in bright pops of color. You can stay in one color family, or be all over the place. With my thrifting habit, I know I will be all over the place. Colors just seem to sparkle in these all-white rooms, and they keep the room from feeling cold and empty.

{Photo by Petra Bindel, via Door Sixteen}

Turns out, white on white on white is fine. I wouldn't have thought this, but look at the photo above. White walls, white floors, white credenza, white chair. It works. And look! A pop of color!

{Photo by Angus McRitchie, via Style At Home}

{via The Apartment}

Break up white floors with a big rug. I've seen lots of photos without rugs, but I think I like it better with. The rugs seem to stand out just that much more. If I could afford it, I would layer vintage rugs all over my white floors, but rugs are so expensive, so I will probably have just one in my bedroom.

{Photo by Betina Hastoft, via Nordic Design}

Consider going high-gloss. I've noticed different levels of glossiness in the white floor photos I've come across, but I don't know much about it. I like the glossy look, since I love how lights and reflections show up on our downstairs hardwood floors. But are there disadvantages? Is this just a high-gloss paint or is it something else, like a lacquer? How durable is it on the floor? Aren't you glad you come to my blog so I can ask you all these questions?

{Photo by Anna Dorfman, via Door Sixteen}

White floors and white walls provide the perfect place for an accent wall.  Remember how badly I want a black wall? An all white room is a great place to feature any color accent wall you want, or a great wallpaper would be awesome, too. For me, it will be most likely be black paint.

{From Elle Decor UK via Sacramento Street}

White and wood are perfect together. I think this works best if you've got beautiful mid century pieces that are in great shape like those above (my bedroom won't), but still. Point taken.

Next up: gathering up materials and moving all the furniture out of the bedroom. I am so excited about this project, especially because, according to Anna Dorfman:
"EVERYTHING looks good in an all-white room. I should take a photo of some moldy salad in there just to prove it."

 I can't wait!


  1. I tried to convince the mister to do this in our bedroom our hardwoods are GROSS after pulling up the carpet............still working on that. SO excited for this project!!!!

    1. We're going to try to get it done over Christmas Break, since we have two whole weeks this year. I think it will be way easier than trying to refinish them. I will post every step of the way!


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