Vintage DIY Books + My Crafty Story

I'm pretty sure my craftiness started because I watched Gone With The Wind in the sixth grade. I know I was too old to still be playing with Barbies at that time, but I was so in love with the clothing in that movie that I started buying fabric and sewing antebellum-style dresses and accessories for my dolls. It got really out of control when I discovered the remnants bin at Hobby Lobby.

Anyway, I got crafty, and at some point I developed enough crafty courage that when I came across my mom's set of Better Homes and Gardens DIY books, I bought a few supplies and taught myself to knit and crochet. Suddenly my Barbie dolls started getting scarves and beanie caps.

Next I moved on to embroidery and eventually to knitting human people-sized things, but it wasn't long until I had moved on and all those things I had created and learned were packed away somewhere.  It was only a couple of years ago that the box they were in finally resurfaced and my mom let me take them home. They've been with me ever since.

I've been crafting and thrifting it up real nice lately so I decided I better step up my photography game a little by building a light box. I took these photos this weekend during my first photo session with it and I love it! It makes things so pretty and bright. I thought my little collection (See? I've added two more books, so it's a collection!) would make a nice subject.

I haven't picked up knitting since that short time when I was a kid, but I did create my string art project recently using ideas from String Things You Can Create, and I want to make a rag rug at some point, like the happy lady in the picture. And even though I have no interest in appliqué or needlepoint at the moment, I am in love with the photographs inside of fifties and seventies interiors and crafty turtleneck-wearing friends gathering to braid a rug.

Where can I find friends who want to do that on a Friday night?


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