Jordan Valley Park + Downtown SGF

Today it has suddenly gotten very cold around here, which reminded me to post the photos I took this weekend, when the weather was beautiful. Rand and I decided to go out and walk around our city's downtown, and I took my new camera. We went to the top of a parking garage, and then we walked around Jordan Valley Park and the downtown area. The leaves on the trees were amazing shades of red and orange, and there were families and photo shoots happening everywhere. It was a great day to have a camera in my hands.

At first, carrying a big camera around was a little awkward, with people watching you and having to wait a few seconds longer for you to get out of their way. Eventually I got over it and started snapping happy, and it was a wonderful feeling. I'm taking it with me from now on.

See that weird half circle of light happening in a couple of shots? I'm trying to figure out why that happened in just some photos but not others and what I can do to fix it. Maybe I need to take it apart and clean it.  If you know anything about this, please share!

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