Thrifty Finds // 4

It's time again to share my recent thrifty finds! Today I'm also linking up with A Living Space, where lots of thrifty bloggers are sharing all the great stuff they've found.  You can check out all the thrifty fun here.

So here's my thrifty haul. First up:

I'm pretty excited about this chair and ottoman.

My sister actually scooped up this chair and ottoman for me from a garage sale on her street. I really wanted to find a replacement for my leather love seat in my living room, and as soon as I saw this chair, I pictured it next to this chair, and then I have a vision of this living room, and I realized where this chair belonged. Et voila:

It is very comfy. I really want to recover that ottoman in something. Maybe macrame? I would cover it in sheepskin like this ottoman if Max didn't immediately pee on every sheepskin I've brought into this house. Bad cat!

I didn't mean that, Max. I love you.

Next up, my paint by numbers collection is growing!  With two cats and a floral:

I paid a little too much for those cats, but I couldn't resist them. Rand insists it's actually the same cat.

This wall kind of feels complete. Maybe it's time to start a PBN collection on the wall across the room.

Last up, this isn't a new thrifty find, but it's a thrifty find from a while back, it's never made the blog, and it only recently found a place in my home.

My very own moon globe! It didn't have a stand, but luckily it's metal and it has a big dent in the bottom, so it stands on its own. Perfect.

So there you go. More old crap to fill my home.

If thrifting is your thing too, be sure to check out the Nifty Thrifty over at The Living Space. 

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  1. I really love the floral PBN. I'd have snapped that up too.

    1. Me too! Floral is always welcome in my house! :)

  2. I just love your home. My dream house is full of "old crap" too. :)

    1. Thanks! Thrifting is my idea of weekend fun. :)


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