Thrifty Finds // 5

Here are a few thrifty finds I picked up this weekend. I had wanted some scarves that were the right size to wrap around my head and hide bad hair days. After looking around Target I found it's a little harder than I had thought to find the right size, so I was excited to come across these scarves at Relics and Urban Market. The prints are fun (yes, those are brown briefcases) and they're the perfect size! 

Here are some inspiration photos showing what I'm going to try to do with them:

Pretty! I tried to take a picture of myself wearing one for you, but for some reason, even though I thought I looked great in the mirror, my forehead instantly became 42 times bigger in the photo. I'll work on that and get back to you.


  1. I KNOW ONE OF THOSE SCARVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me downright giddy!!!!!

    1. I love it! I stop by your booth anytime I'm in the area now. You always have great stuff!

    2. YAHOOOOO! Thank you!!!!!!!!! That really does mean a lot!!!


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