Music Monday: The Mixtapes

I belong in the nineties. Seriously, here's my Pinterest board to prove it. I'm just in the wrong time, man.

So I recently got to see a local band called The Mixtapes. They were playing at Lindberg's, which is only a short walk from my house, so my best bud Nat and I went down to check them out.

I've followed Katie Shelton's blog for a while and I discovered The Mixtapes from her Instagram feed. They were totally worth the walk to Lindberg's. They played a couple songs I didn't know (I thought I knew my 90's better than that) and they sounded so good! I had a blast singing along and dancing right up front by the speakers. Nat and I even got ridiculed for our dancing by some girl in line for the restroom. Success!

So I'm thinking this fits #25 on the 101 in 1001 list. Yes?

25. Find five new (to me) musicians/bands I really like. 

I definitely want to see them again. Anyone want to go?

For videos I took from the show, check out my Instagram here.

For more on The Mixtapes, click here.

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  1. WHO ridicules a stranger in a bathroom? I mean, come on. She must have been jealous of your moves.

    1. Thank you! That had to be it. :) People are unbelievable sometimes!


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