How to Make a Double Rectangular Plant Hanger

This summer was the first time I've ever had success growing impatiens. I found the sweet spot for them with sun and water and they got huge. I had originally just bought one hanging basket and split it, but they quickly filled two rectangular containers.

So when it started to cool down I wondered what people normally do with their annuals. Do they just let them die or do they bring them in? 

I decided to bring mine in, and then I quickly learned that my cats enjoy eating their leaves, then puking them back up. BAD CATS!!

Since I needed a little color in my bedroom, and hanging my plants is the only way to keep them safe from my cats, I decided to take an idea from Skinny LaMinx and adjust it for my rectangular planters. I decided to use jute, since it is so wonderfully cheap, and the rings can be purchased in a pack of six at Hobby Lobby. 

Here's what I did:

1. Measure out 4-12' sections of jute, cut them, put them together, and find the middle. Loop the middle around the ring and find a place to hang the ring so you can work.

2. I put 4 square knots in mine, alternating sides so I got an even shape. This is completely optional, but if you decide to do more, remember that it uses up rope length fast.

3. Measure down, oh I don't know, maybe 12 inches? Ish? It's whatever you like. Tie neighboring ropes together into four knots.

4. Measure down another number of inches that is pretty close to 8 or so (you'll have to judge based on how big your planters are and how long you want this thing to be, but I did 8 inches, for some reason) and tie neighboring ropes together, but not the same ropes that were tied together before. Does this make sense? Here'a a picture that might help:

(Skinny LaMinx does a great job of explaining this, so you should really check out her tutorial here if mine makes no sense.)

I hung the whole thing from a ceiling hook at this point to try and get a better picture of this for you.

5. Next, do some kind of magical balancing act, holding the planter in place while wrapping all the ropes around it. Making this face might help:

(Like my scarf? Thanks Danavee!)

OR you could have someone hold it in place for you, but my helper was in charge of taking photos. Anyway, get it all wrapped around and level, and tie a knot underneath so you have something like this:

6. Next I tied four more alternating square knots and repeated steps 3, 4, and 5 to make this a double hanger.

After I tied the a knot under the second planter, I tied 4 more alternating square knots. Then I cut off the remaining strands of rope, leaving about 6 inches, and I frayed the ends a little bit. I hung it in my bedroom in front of a south facing window.

I love it! It's a little strange to have this giant hanger there, but it's not in the way, and the flowers love it. They are very happy in their new home, safe from the cats.


  1. Oh wow! Would love to do this, but I think with my bad skills on anything with strings, it would end up looking like a web! Great job Layne!

    1. Too funny! Thank you so much! There have been so many times I've had to just completely untie everything and start over when I've ended up with a web-like mess. It can be frustrating, for sure. But I'm thrilled you like it!

  2. This is AMAZING, the info AND your step by step explanation and your delightful personality. What a pretty woman you are! :)


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