Hanging the Wahoo Board

Several years ago Rand's brother made us this giant Wahoo board. It's a game with two versions sort of like the game Sorry! with marbles. It's awesome, but we never really play it. I was hunting for something interesting to hang above our bed, and I suddenly remembered that this thing has been hiding in our closet all this time.

I originally pictured this side hanging on the wall, but I was excited to turn it over and realized that this was on the other side:

I'm not really sentimental, but the Red Cross is kind of Rand's thing. He's a career lifeguard and pool boy, and this looks like a giant Red Cross symbol. I think that's nice, so I chose this side to show.

I just stapled some wire to the back to hang it and...

here it is.

I like it, and I like that my brother-in-law's gift isn't hiding in the closet anymore. 

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  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! I like the side you chose best too!

    1. Thank you! You probably know a thing or two about "shopping" your own home for items to decorate with, too!


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