Tiled Walls Everywhere I Look

It seems to me that ever since my decorating hero, Anna Dorfman tiled her kitchen walls a few months ago, I'm seeing tiled walls everywhere. But, you know, now that I drive a Nissan Altima I see those everywhere I look, too, so I don't know if it really is a popular trend or if maybe I'm just more aware of it. Anyway, I gathered up some of my favorite tiled rooms I've come across for inspiration. I'm trying to get up the courage to do this.

{Image Source}

{Image Source}

I saw a lot of tiled walls in the Ikea showroom, too. If our house doesn't sell in the next couple of months, maybe I could talk Rand into letting me replace our stainless steel backsplash with white subway tile. I would love a whole tiled wall, especially in my kitchen or bathroom, but I need more tiling experience first. 

What do you think about the tiled walls trend? Have you ever tiled before?

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  1. I love white tile! I think it looks so clean. Apartment living is killing my soul, I swear--I need a house to renovate and redecorate!

    1. My house is for sale in Springfield if you're looking... :) Ah, but the days of apartment living seemed so simple, when your landlord picked up the tab anytime something broke. It's a trade-off, for sure!


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