The Hanging Egg Chair is Finally Hanging!

Hey, roomies!

I'm so excited to share the results of my hanging egg chair project! By the way, I've been calling this an egg chair, because it looks like an egg and because I've seen it called an egg chair elsewhere, but I could be wrong. There's also this egg chair and Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair,  so I hope I'm calling it the right name. 

Look at the difference the boiled linseed oil made! Up close it looks so much better. It's darker and doesn't look dry like before. There is still a little bit of a smell, but I've read several places that over time the oil will "cure" and the smell will disappear.

Finding a place in our plaster ceiling to hang this thing was a pain. I used the "16 inches on center" rule to measure out 32 inches and try drilling. I was really lucky because right at 32 inches from the wall, I drilled in and saw wood shavings coming as I pulled the drill bit out. That was enough proof that I had found a stud, and I started twisting in this big hook. Towards the end, it got really hard to turn, which makes me feel better that I was into something solid, so I called my dad and he taught me a neat trick. I stuck a screwdriver through the hook and used it as a lever to turn the hook. Thanks, Dad!

I bought way too much chain. 

Remember when this corner of my living room looked like this? Oh hey, Ikea rug! You look great, by the way. 

Well now it looks like this (with a blurry cat):

The Wassily and the record player cart have found new homes on the other end of the room, don't worry.

The best part: It worked! Rand and I each tried it out and it did not come crashing to the floor!! 

So what do you think? Does hanging things from the ceiling make you nervous, too? Have you gotten any new furniture lately that you love?

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  1. I love your dad's screwdriver trick! And that rug!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! That was the rug I picked up at Ikea a couple weeks ago. :)

  2. I like it! You might consider spray painting (maybe red or yellow) that chain so that it looks like part of your design rather than an afterthought. -Caitlin

    1. Thanks! My husband said the same thing, and he suggested black spray paint. I will probably end up doing that at some point, but I like the idea of using a bright color.


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